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Hotep Jesus Sits With Joe Rogan

Dominate Twitter easily!

  • Learn how to consistently gain a lot followers each week, organically without cheating — simply by mastering the elusive science of social media behavior and psychology. (Page 94)
  • Learn how to grab a massive loyal following from other popular accounts! (Become one of the faster growing accounts on Twitter. This is one of the only ways a small account can grow organically! Page 101)
  • Learn how to get more followers by tweeting less! (Enjoy a consistent flow of new follower notifications every single day. Page 54)
  • Learn how to increase your respect online by doing almost nothing! (This simple passive action, that few people utilize, will make almost everyone treat you like an icon. Page 79)
  • Learn how to make a tweet "go viral", almost guaranteed every single time! (Learn what has always worked and still works today and watch your engagement explode! Page 22)
  • Learn how to get priceless market data and audience sentiment with no money down! (Data helps you relate to your audience so you can convert them into sales or other actions! Page 23)
  • Learn how to avoid the one mistake nearly everyone makes that causes their followers to lose trust. (Make this mistake and watch your growth burn like a California forest fire! Page 23)
  • How to find an endless amount of content ideas on Twitter! (Content ideas are hard to come by but this will make your life breezy! Page 42)
  • Learn why you need to delete tweets and which ones! (It may seem like a minor detail but doing this will increase your followers exponentially and no one will care. Page 55)
  • Learn why hashtags aren’t living up the hype! (Hashtags don’t get you followers unless you do it like this explicitly. Page 65)
  • Get the proven formula for creating viral tweets every single time! (In a few short minutes you could be creating tweets that reach millions!!! Page 59)
  • Find out what you should be doing instead of threads! (Threads don’t work. Follow this plan and you’ll see way better engagement results. Page 69)
  • Discover the leading sign that shows you’re doing something right! (If you aren’t getting this indication, your waves aren't moving anyone. Page 20)
  • Learn what audience to tweet to and when! (Most books tell you the best times to tweet but this goes further and tells you who to target at those best times. Page 72)
  • Discover the suggested minimum time limit between each sent tweet. (Maximize your twitter engagement, without cluttering the timeline, and still get valuable impressions from being online. Page 77)
  • How to set up your Twitter profile to catch more followers! (If your profile isn’t setup correctly, you're basically bleeding followers. Page 80)
  • Learn how bots were used during the 2016 election! (Bots were used by the left and the right. Discover the kind of software they used and how they did it. Page 85)
  • Discover the automation software that lets you hack Twitter (and Instagram) that not even pros know about. (Get the same software I used to get my Instagram account to 50,000+ followers. Page 87)
  • Learn a hidden technique to grow followers and engagement super-fast. (It takes a little more work but the results pay off big league! Page 97)
  • Learn how to use retweets to squeeze more engagement and virality out of your tweets. (Doing it the wrong way can leave a bad taste in people's mouths but the right way tastes like sugar, baby!. Page 90)
  • Learn how to customize your online persona to attract the loyal tribe you want. (Your reputation is all you have. Lose it and you’ll lose everything!!! Page 102)
  • Learn how to network and use online groups to your advantage! (There’s no such thing as a lone wolf because wolves hunt in packs. Be a wolf! Page 105)

Learn how joe made over $10,000 in A Single Month!

  • Learn how to turn trolls and haters into money making machines! (Take the negative energy haters send your way and watch those receipts for sales hit your email inbox like a spam bot. Page 29, 108)
  • Find out what content you need for livestreams and when you need to go live! (Get more eyes on YOU! Page 41)
  • Learn how to write a blog post that drives insane amounts of traffic! (Make your blog rank on the first page of search engines. Page 44)
  • Learn how to drive tens-of-thousands of visitors to your site with SEO (search engine optimization). (No technical skills required. Page 49)
  • Want free organic website traffic that gives 10x-like returns? (Reveal a piece of free software that will allow you to create profitable content over-and-over again. Page 46)
  • Follow this guide on how to build your professional website for less than $100 in under a short hour! (Includes what you need to know to turn your audience into addicts. Page 37)
  • Learn how enemies help shape your brand so you don’t have to carry the whole load. Branding is your foundation - you can let others build it for you. Page 31)
  • Learn how to attack your enemies and look like a hero at the same damn time! (Do this wrong and you may damage your reputation beyond repair. Page 34)
  • Learn the persuasive art of hyper-dimensional copywriting that makes your content go viral every single time! (Create compelling copy that converts non-believers into buyers! Page 32)
  • How to get great graphic design projects completed on time with dozens of mocks! (For the price, you can’t beat the value and peace-of-mind knowing that your branding will look investor-ready. Page 38)
  • Learn how to use Twitter to entice people into watching your long-form videos! (People hesitate to watch any video longer than 1-minute. Learn how to destroy that mental barrier. Page 39)
  • Discover the benefits of video content over all other types of content that most people don’t talk about! (Page 40)
  • Learn about the Woke Water Project and how we sold $125 bottles of natural spring water. (Real-life examples of marketing and branding paying out massive returns with a strategy you can easily duplicate. Page 41)
  • Follow the six rules of writing Hotep Jesus lives by! (If you follow these rules you’ll be a higher-selling writer immediately. Page 48)
  • Learn how to build an epic brand that stands the test of Father Time. (Branding is the thing that makes people volunteer to carry your lifeless body if you're ever down. Page 110)

Joe Knows!

One of the fastest growing accounts on Twitter is none other than Coach Joe – reader and advocate of this Twitter marketing guide.

My Twitter has blown up… I went from 200k impressions to 770k in the last in few weeks alone.

Dylan Madden

Bryan’s book will change your mindset from that of a Twitter consumer to a Twitter producer.

José Alberto Niño

I’m seeing MAJOR results now! The marketing here is stuff I NEVER learned in college!

Shaun Webb

What People Saying About This?

Not going to lie... one of the best books I've read to date and I just started reading it today. Great work @VibeHi


Just picked up a copy and am really enjoying the book. I give it my full endorsement.


After reading the first 30 pages of your book my first thought was “I know the fast food restaurant that read this book!” 😅


I’ve started writing my book. This is not platitude or false flattery...honestly thanks for helping me unlock what was hiding inside me. Daily pushes from you (others, too, but mostly you) to create and overcome the mental hurdles and negative voices that I was letting convince me to wait (or that it was too late). I’ve been building slowly, but my following has doubled in just a couple of months and I have gotten side jobs and started multiple creative processes since I read your book and started working with you. Best of all, I feel like I can do anything again and it’s spilling over to my children. Their creative mindset has kicked into another gear.

Chad L.

30 minutes of reading @VibeHi 's book. *What have I done to my Twitter account?* #DoingItAllWrong


Excellent read packed with solid information 🔥 I would take advantage of this if you’re looking to grow your brand or business


All my friends are asking how I keep going viral by saying “outlandish” things and ima keep it stack.. I read ⁦‪[this]‬⁩ Twitter manual like once a week lol

Ms. Prosper

Been reading the book and its great, giving me a lot to think about. I've been putting some of the tips into practice and understanding how they work, even for Instagram, its helped me a lot and Im seeing it work!

Chris B.

Hi Bryan! I bought your book a couple months back and it was quite an inspiration. I have since started my site and have started gaining tremendous amounts of followers and traction since then. My venture is called Millennial Red and its taking off!


You are a great storyteller. Your book is filled with practical insights. Thank you.


I knew @VibeHi was a master of this platform, but his book still blew away my expectations. Must-read and must-follow.


I can definitely say that Bryan's tips helped me get over the 1,000 follower mark. I highly recommend this book for anyone that wants to leave a significant social media following.


I’ve watched this guy explode over the last few years. If you want to learn how to build a social media platform - get this book.


It’s not just concepts but straight up how to do those things and apply them. And most importantly how you(and others) have used those concepts and have produced actual results. The book is fairly direct, which I really like. It’s a steal.


gives you the cheat-codes to marketing. My Twitter has blown up since applying 3 of them. I went from 200k impressions to now 770k in the last in few weeks alone.


I want to thank you for your content and your Twitter book. Sometimes advice is hard to follow and needs to be worded a certain way. I have been able to execute something I wanted to do for a long time because of your clarity of content. After 20 days of reading the book I created a blog, boosted 1000 organic readers to it, increased followers on Twitter by 80, and got an offer to run a Twitter account for a major political party's San Francisco branch


The Ultimate Marketing Bundle For Social Media Dominance

What Do You Get?

3 PDF Documents
Available For Instant Download
$ 167 Limited Time Only
  • Dominate Twitter (112 Pages)
  • 135 Trigger Words (2 pages)
  • Brain Washing Yourself (35 pages)