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I'm loving these daily emails.


As a marketer, I love your emails. I have now purchased your book.

Dianna H.

Dude. That’s some sales JiuJitsu, right there. #TeachableMoment Gold from @VibeHi Well done, brother.


Dude. That’s some sales JiuJitsu, right there. #TeachableMoment Gold from @VibeHi Well done, brother.


Hotep Jesus has some of the best emails. Like today's advice: "Never argue, only debate." There's so much wisdom packed into this 4-word piece of advice. Simple, but profound. And his email explains it quickly wonderfully. Listen to the right people and you'll go far."


I read your e mail twice. Feeling grateful.


Love the emails. I learn something from you every day.


This young man is on the cutting edge on many fronts. If you do not follow @VibeHi and subscribe to his newsletter you do yourSelf a grave injustice.


Your emails are fire.


Loving the hotep emails. The "your peers want you dead" was breathtaking. Absolutely dead on. So good. Thank u!!!


Appreciate these emails man, I recently started reading books on investing & your emails are so spot on, I’m beginning to understand things so much easier.


Cracking me up and dropping knowledge. Latest email had me rollin as I opened it. Thanks, man.


That last email from Bryan Sharpe was on point.


Your emails are already top-shelf.


Daily emails been giving me life big bruv.


Shameless disclosure: your emails are starred...


Your email about clearing your mind was a pleasant reminder. I hit the internal reset button right after I read it. Thank you.


He is really one of the smartest guys on here.


if today’s email wasn’t plucked right out of my head. You have ALL your fingers on the pulse.


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