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José Alberto Niño

I’m seeing MAJOR results now! The marketing here is stuff I NEVER learned in college!

Shaun Webb

My Twitter has blown up… I went from 200k impressions to 770k in the last in few weeks alone.

Dylan Madden

You are a great storyteller. Your book is filled with practical insights. Thank you.

Jose Rosado

Double Your Output With Half the Energy

A new approach to marketing that allows you to be a slacker and get better results than people who pour blood, sweat, & tears into their work!

In a 1920 issue of “Popular Science Monthly”, Frank B. Gilbreth Sr. evaluated the motions of workmen to determine the most efficient techniques to perform tasks.

Gilbreth studied the methods of various bricklayers—the poor workmen and the best ones, and he stumbled upon an astonishing fact of great importance and significance.

He found that he could learn most from the lazy man!

Most of the chance improvements in human motions that eliminate unnecessary movement and reduce fatigue have been hit upon, Gilbreth thinks, by men who were lazy—so lazy that every needless step counted.

Another important thing Gilbreth noted was that the so-called expert factory workers are often the most wasteful of their motions and strength.

Because of their energy and ability to work at high speed, such men may be able to produce a large quantity of good work, and thus qualify as experts, but they tire themselves out of all proportion to the amount of work done.

Squeeze more juice out of your marketing even if you're a slacker by learning from a successful marketing slacker.

Meet Joe.

One of the fastest growing accounts on Twitter is none other than Coach Joe – reader and advocate of this Twitter marketing guide.

get die-hard fans

Learn how to build a loyal fanbase by being yourself - no gimmicks

grow your following fast

Learn what really makes people unfollow & follow you

free up your time

Marketing without all the heavy lifting

master your image

Get the honor & prestige your brand deserves from respected influencers

15 Dummy-Proof Lessons

  • Lesson 1: Branding Unleashed
  • Lesson 2: How to make content marketing viral
  • Lesson 3: Brand bootstrapped projects and shoestring budgets
  • Lesson 4: Learn how to craft the perfect blog post
  • Lesson 5: Search Engine Optimization guide with all the meat and no fat
  • Lesson 6: Using hashtags effectively
  • Lesson 7: The science of Twitter threads
  • Lesson 8: Manipulating Twitter algoritms
  • Lesson 9: The mystery behind bots that allegedly interfered with our elections
  • Lesson 10: How to write viral tweets every single time
  • Lesson 11: Creating the perfect profile and bio
  • Lesson 12: The science of retweets and quote retweets
  • Lesson 13: How to deal with trolls and trolling
  • Lesson 14: Networking with influencers for your benefit
  • Lesson 15: Dramatically boost your engagement

Author's note:

Tactics and strategies I didn’t want people to know about and the marketing industry doesn’t want you to know about are exactly what was unveiled in this easy-to-digest guide. 

Learn how you can establish a legendary brand effortlessly!

Bryan Sharpe

Jose Rosado
Jose Rosado
You are a great storyteller. Your book is filled with practical insights. Thank you.
Millennial Red
Millennial Red
Hi Bryan! I bought your book a couple months back and it was quite an inspiration. I have since started my site and have started gaining tremendous amounts of followers and traction since then. My venture is called Millennial Red and its taking off!
Eric Dykstra
Eric Dykstra
I knew @VibeHi was a master of this platform, but his book still blew away my expectations. Must-read and must-follow.
José Alberto Niño
José Alberto Niño@JoseAlNino
I can definitely say that Bryan's tips helped me get over the 1,000 follower mark. I highly recommend this book for anyone that wants to leave a significant social media following.
Jack Murphy
Jack Murphy
I’ve watched this guy explode over the last few years. If you want to learn how to build a social media platform - get this book.
David Eze
David Eze
It’s not just concepts but straight up how to do those things and apply them. And most importantly how you(and others) have used those concepts and have produced actual results. The book is fairly direct, which I really like. It’s a steal.
Dylan Madden
Dylan Madden
@VibeHi book "Twitter Marketing" gives you the cheat-codes to marketing. My Twitter has blown up since applying 3 of them. I went from 200k impressions to now 770k in the last in few weeks alone.

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I tweeted 12.9% less this month and my impressions increased by 34.3%! Many people will tell you to tweet more but that’s not the whole story. What you tweet is more important than how often you tweet.

Bryan Sharpe

Software product marketer

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.”

Pablo Picasso

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